Save money every month, and every year, when you have Lifetime Website Hosting for your WordPress or HTML website. Forget about expensive website hosting renewals and keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

This hosting is great for low to medium sized websites, and ecommerce websites with traffic less that 100,000 visitors a month. If you’re building your first website Lifetime Hosting plans are a great way to get started and not spend all of your budget on hosting costs, without searching for a cheap website hosting company. 

You should know that this website, with thousands of products using WooCommerce, is hosted with iBrave Unlimited Hosting and fully recommends it.

Lifetime WordPress Website Hosting Packages

iBrave Unlimited Website Hosting has three website packages to choose from to suit every website project. 

One of the best features that we’ve found is the built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) caching system so you have have your website files hosted on edge servers that speed up the delivery of your website to visitors from all over the world. The faster a website is the better the visitor engagement is. You can optimize the delivery of CSS, JS and image files easily, even convert images to webp formats automatically.

Contacting iBrave Support

We’ve only had to contact iBrave support once. This was when we were transferring sites from a more expensive host to iBrave and a php file was corrupted. They found and fixed the file quickly. We were impressed with the speed of resolving this issue as at that time we were a new client. Since then, after adding more than 15 websites to the unlimited websites plan, we have not had to contact support at all.

Hosting Control Panel

The website hosting dashboard control panel is a custom setup, but if you’re familiar with cPanel you’ll have no issues managing all of the features available. 

Save Money on Website Hosting

If you’re tired of expensive website hosting renewal costs, you don’t have to downgrade your hosting or search for a cheap website host, you just need to eliminate the monthly and annual website hosting charges that drain your wallet.
iBrave Unlimited Website Hosting is the solution.

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