Lomi Cordless Muscle Massager – Black

Lomi Cordless Muscle Massager – Black

Lomi finds practical ways to address your universal wellness needs with specialized, professional-grade technology created to help you feel the relief you deserve, whether you are at home or on-the-go. Featuring wireless operation built into a lightweight, ergonomic design, you are sure to experience percussive therapy at its finest, right from the palm of your hand! The quiet vibrations emitted from the advanced recovery tool promote a soothing ambience and ensure there are no disruptive sounds so that you relax and concentrate on what’s important: alleviating post-workout tightness, stimulating muscles and reducing soreness. The quick rechargeable battery guarantees consistent relaxation of up to 80 minutes per charge. This handheld deep tissue and muscle massager allows you to customize your massage experience with four interchangeable attachments (u-head, flat head, globe head, cylinder head) across six different intensity levels, perfect for targeting specific muscle groups, joints, pressure points, or for full body relief. Features 4 interchangeable attachments 6 intensity levels percussion therapy rechargeable battery 80 minutes per charge lightweight design and ultra durable

Brand: LOMI

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