A great part of our lives is contained in the online world now. With this comes a certain amount of personal responsibility to protect yourself. Social media takes your personal information and shares it with advertisers, search engines know what you've been searching for and reading, your computer, phone and tablet are under constant attack from viruses and malware. And everyone knows where you are.

It can be hard to understand what steps you need to take to protect yourself and your personal information.

One of the first steps towards better protecting yourself is how you connect to the online world.

Start with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), similar to Rogers, Telus, Virgin and many other ISPs, connect you through their gateway to the internet at-large. This is very much like opening the door and walking away. Anything can enter (and a lot of things will try, such as viruses and malware).

One easy step you can take to protect yourself if by using a VPN. This network service provides a different "default doorway" to the internet.

Setting up your VPN can be very easy. Shoppertunity has partnered with NordVPN to make this easy and affordable. Sign-up, install the NordVPN software, select your VPN server and you're protected. Watch the video to see the simple installation instructions.

Your NordVPN account can protect up to 6 devices and is easy to setup on computers, phones, tablets, even routers, video game systems and smart TVs.

Protect your personal information, your online location and more.

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