Our best choices for specialty writing journals to help you organize your life and thoughts. These journals make great gifts!

Your Rental Move-In Move-Out Journal book cover

Your Move-In Move-Out Damage Journal

This journal is for all the renters in the world and is a great resource for people about to rent for the first time. Makes a great gift!

Use this journal to protect yourself from losing your damage deposit and other claims for damage to your rental when you move out.
What's inside: The journal is in 4 parts for damage and maintenance records to be kept. There are additional pages to record landlord information, utility account information, emergency numbers and more.

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Bad Neighbor and Witness Journal

Bad Neighbor & Witness Journal

When you have a bad neighbor issues can quickly escalate into a police report, arrest or lawsuit. This journal will help you organize the incidents, witnesses and keep in one place the evidence you'll need should the bad neighbor incidents proceed to arrests or lawsuits and revenge.

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This is a communication journal to help small businesses maintain staff communication and lessen the impacts of misunderstandings by providing a central location for management and staff communications.

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70 Affirmations for Daily Positivity

Start and continue your positivity journey by using this journal to track two months of your activity and moods and follow the daily affirmations and answer the daily questions to improve your outlook on life and start great relationships.

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That Time I Was Sooo Stones book cover

That Time I Was Sooo Stoned

A prank book cover with lined, blank pages to use as a journal. Makes a great prank gift.

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