Build Your Backyard Shed
Even with zero woodworking experience you can build an amazing shed in a weekend. We’re going to tell how MyShedPlans is going to help you out.

We have a free shed building plan so you can build a 12’x8′ garden shed. As well, you can download over 12,000 plans to build any kind of backyard shed right now.

Download the free 12’x8′ shed building plans here.

Building a shed not only gives you the space to store unsightly items outside, but it’s also an opportunity to make yourself something custom. It can serve as a small-scale workshop or guest suite, and it’s an easy first DIY project for anyone who wants a new challenge.

Before we start nailing boards together, let’s think through the steps you’ll need to take in order to create your dream shed.

How should I prepare for this project?

Before you begin, you should make sure you have the right space, materials and time. If everything else is in order, then it’s time to start building!

The first thing you need to do is plan ahead of time. You want to know exactly how big your shed needs to be before starting construction so that there will be enough room for all of your tools and equipment. Make sure that this area is accessible by car so that transporting materials won’t prove difficult later on down the road.

What are the steps I need to follow?

  • Plan the project.
  • Prepare the site.
  • Build the shed.
  • Install the shed and finish it with a door, windows or other details that make it look nice and match your house or yard.
  • Maintain your shed so it lasts for many years to come!

What will I need to consider during each of these steps?

Safety first. Always remember to wear protective clothing (including ear protectors), glasses, and gloves. Know that your tools are sharp and can cut through skin, if you’re going to be using them at all.

Tools! If you don’t already own a hammer, screwdriver, tape measurer and leveler then it’s time for some shopping! Make sure that the tools you have fit the job well, you don’t want to be stuck with an oversized or undersized tool on hand when things get tough.

The right materials are essential for any project or DIY adventure. Whether you’re looking for lumber at a local hardware store or online , it’s important that they’ll work with your needs as well as being affordable enough so as not to break the bank while building your shed base.

Plans are key in any construction project; whether they be blueprints created by professional architects or simple diagrams drawn up by yourself (or someone else). In order not waste any time figuring out what needs doing next while getting started on this project make sure everything is planned out beforehand so nothing gets left behind later down south where only one road leads: forward progress through completion day after day until completion comes around again soon enough.

Building a shed can be fun and easy when you have a plan.

Before starting any project, it’s always good to do your research and make sure that you understand all the ins and outs of what needs to be done. Take into consideration what kind of space you want for your shed—a small one may not require much more than an afternoon project; however, if you want something more substantial in size or materials used (such as brick), then it will likely take longer than one day.

In conclusion, building a shed isn’t as hard as you might think. With the right planning, it can be a lot of fun and an easy project you can do on your own. It just takes time and patience to make sure everything goes well.

When you download the full 12,000 build-your-own-shed plans you’ll  receive these bonuses:

Ryan Henderson, a professional craftsman and educator, gives you a variety of shed plans to help you build any kind shed at home. He has put together a collection of 12, 000 shed plans with different styles and designs. And you don’t need to have woodworking experience to use the plans; they are detailed enough and come with “hold-you-by-the-hand” step by step instructions.

The plans will give you:

  • Views from all angles. This will help you see how everything will look before you start building.
  • Step-by-step instructions. The instructions are so detailed you’ll know exactly what to do in every step.
  • Lists of materials and cutting lists, so you know what to buy, the quantity, and how to cut the materials. The cutting lists include measurements.
  • 3D drawings
  • CAD designed drawings
  • “Used for” labels to help you know what each material is used for and when you will need it.

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