Floating platforms for the lake cottage and pool provide great fun and relaxation as you float away the summer days.

These three floating mats are our most clicked on pool accessories. Easy to get into the water and easy to store when the day is over, you’ll be happy to have any one of these water mats ready for floating while you’re by the water.

Aosom Outsunny Water Inflatable Floating Dock

Inflatable Floating Dock, Inflatable Platform Island, Large Floating Mat Raft with Air Pump & Backpack

This water floating platform is the best mat you need for different activities as you enjoy the pool, river or lake. Whether you're just floating around or reading a book while catching some sun, you'll enjoy summer days more with this inflatable water mat ready to be floated on.
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Soozier 16.4FT Floating Water Mat Float Pad

Soozier 16.4FT Floating Water Mat Float Pad

This large water mat is easy to roll up when the day's water fun is over. A mesh layer is sandwiched between the foam layers which prevents tears from occurring in the mat. Safe and easy to clean with soap and water for years of vivid colors and endless fun.
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Homcom 12x6ft Floating Mat Floating Lily Pad Water Carpet Float Aqua Mat

Floating fun is on the way with this aqua mat that needs little care to last summer after summer. Includes tethers for easy tying up to dock or boat. Buy here.

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